Unst Health Centre

Group Contact: Dr. Emma Ramsay
Contact's Title: General Practitioner
Contact Address: Unst Health Centre
Postcode: ZE2 9DY
Area: Unst
Contact Telephone: 01957 711 318
Fax No: 01957 711 469
Email: email us
Website: visit our website
Date Created:Wed 22/07/2009

The Unst Medical practice provides a full range of medical services for the population of the island of Unst. Surgeries are each morning, from Monday to Friday, by appointment. Health checks, Immunisations, travel advice, and other services are provided by our Practice Nurse. There are visiting services provided by the Chiropodist, Physiotherapist and Community Mental Health team. A Practice leaflet is available with information about our opening times and arrangements for out of hours care.


Updated August 2016