Shetland Folkdance

Group Contact: Mrs Anna M Leask
Contact's Title: Chairperson
Contact Address: 37 Fogralea
Postcode: ZE1 0SE
Area: Lerwick & Bressay
Contact Telephone: 01595 695842
Mobile No: 07867 595609
Fax No: 01595 695842
Email: email us
Date Created:Tue 25/08/2009

Shetland Folkdance established in 1992 to collect and preserve the traditional dances, relevant music and history and research, design and make a folk costume. The group performs at various local venues, eg Shetland Folk Festival, Isleburgh Exhibition and visiting liners. They also participate at national and international dance festivals. Tour planned next year, July 2017.  Invited to Hamar & Roros, Norway by Solja Folkdance Group who were in Shetland this year.


Practice weekly on Wednesdays 19.30 - 21.00 in Methodist School Room, £2 per person per night.


Updated November 2016