Scalloway Boating Club

Scalloway Boating Club
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Contact Address: Scalloway Boating Club
Port Arthur
Postcode: ZE1 0UN
Area: Central Mainland
Contact Telephone: 07737 802720
Mobile No: 07737 802720
Email: email us
Website: visit our website
Date Created:Wed 09/07/2014
Scalloway Boating Club is based at Port Arthur, Scalloway.

Members club.  Visitors can be signed in.  Facilities include:

Licensed premises.  

Outdoor seating area
Sky TC and 100-inch HD screen
Digital jukebox
Quiz machine

The Scalloway Boating Club has 2 Pontoons for boating use.

The Main Pontoon of the Boating club welcomes visiting Yachts for a small fee per night.  To book call 07737802720 or 07787828065.

Shower & washing facilities are available on the premises.