Dogs Against Drugs

Dogs Against Drugs
Group Contact: Project Manager
Contact Address: PO Box 11676
Postcode: ZE2 9YN
Area: Lerwick & Bressay
Contact Telephone: 01595 741463
Fax No: 01595 741463
Email: email us
Website: visit our website
Date Created:Fri 01/10/2010

Dogs Against Drugs provide a valuable service towards the Shetland Community in the provision of Drugs Detector Dogs permanently based on the Islands.

The main key aims of the Dogs Against Drugs Charity are: -

1.Provide Trained Drugs Detection Dogs permanently based on Shetland.
2.To Detect and Deter Illegal Drugs from entering on to the Shetland Islands.
3.To provide a Drugs Awareness Programme to young people within the Shetland Community.

Updated July 2021